When Sarpanch Monkey replies the Haryanvi Officer style…

Once in the jungle of Haryana, animals held a meeting against the increasing atrocities of lion. The animals decided that they would select a SARPANCH to look into their woes. After some discussion, the animals elected a MONKEY as their SARPANCH.

After a few days, a lion catches a baby goat. The goat’s mother comes to the SARPANCH monkey with a plea to save her child.

After hearing the whole story from the mother goat, the monkey starts jumping from one tree to another. The goat looks at him confused and impatient. But when this continues for some time, the impatient goat finally speaks out:

Goat: Sarpanch sahab, jaldi kuch karo… Mera bachcha na Sher maar dalaga…

Monkey: Dekh bhai, tera bachcha ki to koi guarantee na de sakoon hoon main… Haan, meri bhaag daud ma agar koi kami rehgi ho to bol… 😀

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